Coming soon: A package manager for VBA

Based heavily on the design of the much-lauded package manager for Rust, Cargo, vba-blocks aims to make building projects with VBA simple and powerful. vba-blocks consists of three parts:

  1. vba-block.toml is the manifest for a project, allowing you to specify dependencies, references, and source files for building your project
  2. The developer add-in gets your project up-and-going and helps you install and update dependencies and source files
  3. The vba-blocks CLI helps with starting your project and publishing packages for others to use


The manifest format is based on Cargo’s Cargo.toml and is used to specify the dependencies, references, and source files for your package or project.

For reference, here’s what the vba-block.toml would look like for a relatively simple project like VBA-Dictionary:

name = "dictionary"
version = "1.4.1"
authors = ["Tim Hall <[email protected]>"]

Dictionary = { path = "Dictionary.cls", optional = true }

default = ["embed"]

embed = { src = ["Dictionary"] }
scripting = { references = ["Scripting"] }

# (none)

version = "1.0"
guid = "{420B2830-E718-11CF-893D-00A0C9054228}"
optional = true

An example of using the dictionary package in your project:

name = "My Project"
version = "0.0.0"
authors = ["[email protected]"]

# Explicitly prevent publishing of project / package
publish = false

A = "A.bas"
B = "B.cls"
C = "C.frm"

dictionary = "1.4.1"

You can include features with dependencies by using the following expanded format:

# ...

# (remove the default "embed" feature and include "scripting")
version = "1.4.1"
default-features = false
features = ["scripting"]

For more details, see the Manifest Format


Add-ins for working with vba-blocks from Office.


Usage: vba-blocks [options]
                  <cmd> [args]


  add       Add a block
  remove    Remove block(s)
  update    Update block(s) or all blocks
  build     Build project from dependencies and src
  test      Run project tests
  new       Create a new vba-blocks project
  init      Start a new vba-blocks project in the current directory
  version   Update block version
  publish   Publish block to vba-blocks


  -h, --help
  -V, --version

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